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About US

M.E. World fashions wants to help everyone across the world to look and feel their best by offering an extensive selection of clothing and accessories to make the perfect outfit for any occasion. We want our customers to feel adventurous, inspirational and also filled with confidence. We work hard to make sure that every time you enter a room you steal the show. We are constantly on the look out for the most up to the second trends so you don't have to.

M.E. World Fashions brand was created by a new mother of boy/ girl twins which made working difficult. I decided that I needed something to not just help make a life for my new family but to also something to pass down to them. Being a mom put me in a new world in which going out whenever you want shopping whenever you want doesn't happen. It's also hard to look your very best when you put your family first. To always remind me of what this brand stands for M.E. World Fashions was named after my children Melanie and Ethan. 
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